Crocheted Slippers Finished!

Crocheted Slippers with Flip-FlopsI’ve finished my crocheted slippers and I’m really pleased with how they have turned out, considering I didn’t put a great deal of effort in. They are already in use!








As described in my original post, I have used flip-flops as the soles to create these, roughly following the instructions provided here by Jess of MakeAndDoCrew.

Once my additional ball of yarn arrived, I finished the front flaps of both slippers as given in the pattern for the shaping, but much shorter (omitting all the straight rows).

I decided they needed an edging to finish the flaps, so I used the ugly dark navy cotton I used to create the foundation row, held double, to balance out the dark sole –  I think it works well.


Crocheted Slippers with Flip-Flops


I finished with only about 3m of the Wendy Mode yarn left – phew! I have quite a bit of the second ball of King Cole Cotswold left, so maybe I’ll make some fingerless gloves and then my other extremities will also be warm this winter.

Crocheted Slipper Pattern with Flip-Flops

Mr Conkers, by the way, says I have effectively made myself a pair of these:


But anyway my feet are warm and I don’t get wet socks when I go out to the washing line, so I think that’s a win.

Crocheting slippers using Flip-Flops

I can definitely recommend this as a project, so long as you are comfortable with a degree of ad-lib in the pattern. There is nothing inherently difficult in the pattern or the process beyond that degree of ‘unknown’ which you have to embrace.


Final costs:

Item Cost
Flip-Flops £1.00
Wendy Mode Chunky
(Merlin) 1 ball
King Cole Cotswold Chunky (Bilberry) 2 balls £7.30
Patons 100% Cotton DK (Navy) from stash
 TOTAL £12.40