Gingerbread Brooches

Little Conkers Gingerbread BroochesNewly re-listed in my Etsy shop today, are my better-than-even gingerbread brooches.

This year they are made in 100% British wool that has been specially hand-dyed for me by Caroline of The Occasional Purl.

I told her I needed the perfect gingerbread colour and she worked way with natural plant juices to come up with a yarn especially for me, which I can tell you is a real privilege.


I have no idea how she creates the amazing things she does – especially her gorgeous space-dyed yarns.

My one attempt at dying – an educational sheep-to-jumper project with my son – taught me just what a complicated process it can be!

We used turmeric and the resultant pullover remains amusingly luminous to this day, but I digress…

I’m really pleased to have found a yarn which has the credentials that mean I can keep offering these little guys, which are some of my most popular sellers in the festive period.

(I know, it’s very early to be talking about that, but to be honest my seasonal clock – if there is such a thing – is all up the spout anyway with the weird weather we’ve been having. I’m expecting April next week, followed by a bit of November…)

The card is still 100% recycled, of course, and comes with your choice or message, hand-stamped my me. It also comes with a sturdy box-envelope for you to post to your intended recipient.Little Conkers Gingerbread Brooches