Christmas Closure 2017

Miniature Christmas TreeIn an unprecedented move for us, we have just booked a holiday!

This will impact last ordering dates for items for Christmas and pattern support in the week before the big day.

We haven’t had a holiday since before our youngest was born (she’s six) and now that I think about it, perhaps only three periods away from home since we’ve been married (15 years this month!) not all of which could be considered enjoyable or relaxing!

I recently came to the conclusion that we all as a family need a holiday. I am congenitally unable to relax, and being continually online and on call for my business means that I am rarely fully present for my children, especially at this time of year. My OH and I also rarely get time to see each other, let alone have a conversation, generally just playing tag as one or other of us is at work or on duty at home. We have finally got to the point where the expense is outweighed by how much benefit it is going to give us all.

And now that its booked, I can’t tell you how excited I am! We’ve going to an old-fashioned all-included type of English seaside resort, where the kids will have a whale of a time, we will be warm (our house is always freezing), we can eat as much as we like without rationing and I don’t have to cook for three whole days – hurrah!

In the years I’ve been running Little Conkers, I’ve only been offline on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, so the additional days I’m going to force myself to unplug is going to be quite something!

I’m hoping to get time to finish the rows in my ever-lasting Granny Stripe Blanket, progress on which has stalled during the busiest months of the year for my shop.

Since so many people like to craft over the holidays, I won’t be closing my Little Conkers Etsy shop completely, so that people can continue to download digital patterns, but I will not be able to respond to questions or provide pattern support while I’m offline. My Ravelry and LoveCrochet stores will also be open as usual for you to download patterns.

My last ordering dates to meet recommend last posting dates for Christmas are considerably earlier than last year, when I was flat out right up to the deadline, so please make sure you order early to avoid dissappointment.

Little Conkers is offline between 18th-21st December, and between 24th-26th December.

You can continue to download my digital crochet patterns through the holidays from all the usual places:Christmas ornament crochet pattern

However, please note that if you have a question about a pattern or any other query, I will not be able to answer your questions whilst I’m offline between 18th-21st December, and between 24th-26th December.

You can continue to place orders for physical items in my Etsy shop during my absence, but I won’t be able to acknowledge or process your order until my return. I won’t be posting any physical items between 17th and 28th December inclusive, and I will update the shipping times to make this clear.