Crocheted fruit in pastel colours

Cath Kidston-inspired Fruit Bowl

I’ve just completed this set of crocheted fruit in a colour palette inspired by the fabrics of Cath Kidston.

Her designs (the fabric, crockery and biscuit tin pictures in this blog are all Cath Kidston’s) are an instantly-recognisable mixture of pastels and bolder red and pink accents. 

Cath Kidston fabric

So for my Cath Kidston-inspired fruit I took my lovely organic cotton, and my realistic fruit crochet patterns (available for instant download in my Etsy shop and Ravelry page) and worked out how best to switch the colours.

Hand-crocheted fruit arrangement in pastel colours

The crocheted grapes are a new design I developed for this set, which I have now published with my other fruit crochet patterns. They are just irresistible in making a picturesque still-life!

You had a glimpse of the perfectly pink pears on my previous blog where the pears took over! But they look very at home now in a bowl with their friends.

Adding the red leaves was the last step, and I think they really ‘make’ this set, lifting it from pure pastels to something just a little bit funky!

Cath Kidston Crocheted Fruit

I’d love to know what you think of this slight departure from my naturalistic fruit and vegetable range. Send me a tweet to let me know!

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