Granny Stripe Blanket Update

Granny Stripe Blanket Progress
Well, this just goes to show what you can accomplish when locked in a room for 16 hours!

Yesterday I was on duty as a poll clerk for local County Council elections. Very sadly, turnout was poor, which meant I had time to crochet. I could even have done more only I ran out of wool…




Granny Stripe Blanket Dashboard
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I completed 25 rows before running out of yarn, meaning I now only have to complete just over one row a day to achieve my target completion date. However unfortunately I’m not going to be able to do any now for several days as I need to order more wool, so things will probably level out again.


We have another election coming up on 8th June. I really, really hope that I have no time to crochet at all during that election because turnout is so high that I’m on the go all day. It makes me heartsick to hear people almost boasting: “oh I never vote” for reasons including having no clue about what they are voting for, or thinking all career politicians are equally horrible. Maybe they’d be interested to know how many people who DO vote tell us they have no clue what they are voting for but are doing it anyway – do you want those people deciding your future for you for the sake of spending 10 minutes on Google? Or if you don’t like career politicians maybe you should vote them out?


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