Crochet Dreams Colouring Book – 5 days to go

Crochet Dreams Colouring Book by #LittleConkersMy new crochet colouring book Crochet Dreams is a perfect gift for any crochet lover – you can guarantee they won’t already have one!

For those of you thinking ahead to you-know-what, you could combine this book with yarn, or a set of hooks, or a book of crochet patterns for a really extra-special gift.

Oh and nice colouring tools make a huge difference if you want to add those to a gift. You can’t feel happy colouring with a scratchy pencil or weedy pen!


For full details and more pictures, please see my previous blog post.

If you’d like me to reserve one or more copies for you, please complete this reservation form, with no obligation.

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You will be contacted on 20th September with details of how to purchase. Your e-mail address will not be kept any longer, nor used for any other purpose. Copies will be reserved for five days only, after which they will be made available for others to buy.

You can also enter my giveaway to win a copy here!