Waffle Stitch Dishcloth Crochet Pattern and Kit

Easy Beginner Crochet PatternI’m excited to present my latest crochet kit – this handsome waffle stitch dishcloth.

This is an ideal beginner project, and the kit makes it even easier.


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About the dishcloth pattern

I designed this dishcloth pattern from scratch to be thick and have modern look. The waffle stitch pattern is double-sided and easier than you might think to create.

The pattern includes a neat edging and optional hanging loop – features often missing from other dishcloth patterns.

Lots of pictures and notes are included to help you work the pattern successfully and tips are also included to help you adapt the pattern if you wish to a different size/weight of yarn.

Bonus: use the same pattern to create a waffle stitch scarf – the pattern tells you how!

As always, UK and US crochet versions of the pattern are available in two completely separate documents so you can choose whichever you prefer to use without having the other getting in the way.

About the crochet kit

The crochet kit contains an easy-to-crochet recycled yarn (85% cotton, 15% Viscose) which is robust and absorbant – perfect for this project. Choose from natural, blue, green or yellow, or drop me a line if you’re after a different colour, and I can probably source it just for you!

The kit includes a blunt-tipped yarn needle and (optionally) a lovely 4mm bamboo hook. Also included is a recycled gift tag should you wish to give the finished article as a gift.

Loving practical designs that really work

As I have said before, I love practical projects. It’s such a great feeling using something that you made yourself, and when it’s something work-a-day like a dishcloth, washcloth, pair of socks or bag, you get that little boost maybe when you’re in need of a little smile. I mean spectacular crocheted shawls are wonderful to create and wear, but you are (probably?) not going to be wearing them every day.

I have been accused in the past of having a prosaic mind…

Another thought: for me, a dishcloth, a washcloth, a hotpad and a potholder are not really interchangeable designs, although people often use the same pattern for any/all of these. My textured washcloth is designed with a finer yarn, and has a more open, fancier stitch for a softer, looser finish. I designed this dishcloth to be a really good dishcloth, and as such think it would make a pretty horrible washcloth and a precarious hotpad. I’d appreciate any feedback or thoughts you may have on the size, thickness, texture of washcloths, dishcloths, potholders, etc as I’m always looking to improve and expand my range of practical patterns.


For full details and to order the kit, please visit my Etsy store.

Here are the links to download just the pattern in all the usual places:

Waffle Stitch Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

You’ll find my full range of eco-friendly crochet kits here in my Etsy store.

For a dishcloth with a different look, that works up to the same size with the same yarn, see my Star Stitch Dishcloth Crochet Pattern. Make a matching set!

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