Fruit and Vegetables

Handmade to order for you, these crocheted fruit and vegetables make wonderful decorations in your home. Depending on the items ordered, I use organic cotton, cotton, hemp and bamboo yarns – on synthetics here! All pieces are stuffed with 100% natural British sheep’s wool. Gently hand-washable.

Guide prices: £13.50 for three pieces — £17.50 for four pieces — £25 for six pieces — £32 for eight pieces

Choose from: red apple, green apple, orange, lemon, banana, pear, 2 strawberries (counts as one item), carrot (with leaves), tomato, aubergine/eggplant, celery, French breakfast radish, cauliflower floret, broccoli floret, 2 mushrooms (counts as one item), turnip, onion, potato.

Sweetcorn is now also available at £15 and green or purple grapes for £12.

Order through my Etsy shop or contact me.