Lace-edged Crochet Bowls

Crocheted BowlsAnother new pattern! And this time something rather different from me – these lace-edged nesting bowls.

I must admit that my favourite projects are the practical ones. There’s a great deal of satisfaction in regularly using something you made yourself that really solves a problem or serves a purpose.

But there’s no reason something can’t be glam or pretty or quirky in the process!



These two crochet bowls, which nest inside each other, have a myriad of used around the home, especially since you can make them the size of your choice by choosing different weight yarns, and make them with or without the lace edging.

You can never have too much storage right? Perfect for your rings, keys, earbuds, face scrubbies in the bathroom… I’m currently using one of my models next to my favouring crocheting chair to collect all the yarn tails I trim off my crochet pieces!

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