Top 5 Popular Items

What’s been most viewed in my Etsy store this week?

People are obviously feeling very creative in May as they are all crochet patterns and kits!


 Crochet Robin Kit  Top of the pops is my robin crochet kit.


 Robin Crochet Pattern  Closely followed by the digital download of the same robin crochet pattern.


 Crocheted Bag made to an original Little Conkers pattern  Next up is my vintage bag pattern, adapted from an elegant 1930s pattern I inherited from my Great Aunt.


 Little Conkers Crochet Kit  My apple and pear crochet kit. I expect lots of people have teacher gifts in mind at this time of year.


 Oak Leaf Brooch Crochet Kit  And also in the top five is my very limited-edition oak leaf brooch crochet kit.

As well as on Etsy, you can find all my popular crochet patterns at Little Conkers on Ravelry and Little Conkers on LoveCrochet


Little Conkers Pinterest BoardIn my list of goals this year was getting myself on to Pinterest, and understanding how it all works. I know, I know, I’m very slow to take it up, but I was reluctant to do so before I thought I’d be able to make a proper fist of it.

But I’m on there now! (more…)

4 Websites I couldn’t live without

Little Conkers Small Business HelpersI know a lot of you are also small business owners, and I thought you might be interested in some of the websites that enable me to keep my sanity.

In this case, I’m not talking about the obvious sites that we all use as the foundations of our businesses – Hootsuite, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on – but some more obscure pages I’ve found that address particular needs and that you might not have come across. (more…)

First of May

First of MayHello lovely month of May!

(I think May is my second favourite month, after September, but who’s counting).

The month comes with two powerful scent memories for me, from two sides of my life.

First is the powerfully evocative scent of may blossom (hawthorn) and cow parsley together in the sunshine.




May Blossom Hawthorn Cow Parsley

(photo by sixxsix)

For me it evokes my childhood, the British countryside and the coming of summer, but perhaps the same species bloom together elsewhere around the world and it means just as much in other places.

The other scent of May for me is strongly associated with France. Muguet (lily of the valley) is traditionally associated with the 1st of May, when it is given as a good luck token. I love that that this tradition hasn’t become globalised, and has stayed a very French symbol of spring.

Muguet Lily of the Valley

(photo from

Of course our woods here are full of bluebells instead, but I might start planting muguet on the sly…

Free crochet pattern lily of the valley

I had to include this link to a lovely free pattern for crochet lily of the valley!

Of course they don’t have the wonderful scent, but this would make a lovely brooch – I must make some in time for next year!

(photo and pattern from Lionbrand)




Meanwhile, once I stop daydreaming, the new month brings with it the more tangible pleasure of fresh new planner sheets…

So, come on May! My Tax Return is done, my stock-take is done, and I have lots of ideas!

May Planner Sheets