Historical Costume Tassels

Historical Costume TasselsI have been contacted by a number of people involved in re-enactment interested in the historical costume tassels I have been creating for 17th Century falling band collars and the like. I have now created entirely new, more authentic models and I’m going to list these permanently on my website.





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17th Century Collar Tassels

17th Century Falling Band Collar TasselsWell, I thought the crocheted pangolin was going to be my most ‘niche’ commission of the year, but I may have been wrong!

Update: See here for my most recent improved historical collar tassels.


An eagle-eyed resident of Virginia in the United States who is involved in historical reenactments, noticed that my pine cones bear a striking resemblance to the collar tassels worn by men in the 17th Century.

You can see where this is going…


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Crocheted Pangolin

Crochet Pangolin
Okay, so I’m crocheting a pangolin.

Yes, a pangolin.

No, I’d never heard of them either, but they are fascinating creatures that leave you staring at pictures for some considerable time thinking: “really?”

Want to know how I get on crocheting one?




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Reusable Produce Bag Crochet Pattern

Reusable Produce Bag Crochet PatternI have thoroughly updated my Face Scrubbies and Laundry Bag crochet pattern this week, with new diagrams and photos to make it even easier to work.

If you’re a previous purchaser on Ravelry, you will have been sent a link to download the new version. If you previously bought it on Etsy (before 13th April 2018), please get in touch with your Order Number and e-mail address if you’d like to receive the updated version.

While I’m thinking about this pattern, I wanted to mention that the super-simple mesh bag that serves as a laundry bag for the face scrubbies, can also be used for many other things.


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